Welcome to Montreal

Montreal, Canada's second largest city, is truly cosmopolitan, bilingual (English and French), multicultural, bustling with life, and so much more. It has a modern city centre with impressive skyscrapers, a charming old-town including a history-rich port, and trendy areas near downtown that exhibit the city’s characteristic low-rise dwellings and curving outdoor staircases. And, of course, a large mountain park right in the heart of Montreal, being in summer the green and in winter the white lung of the city…

Some useful links to plan your stay in Montreal, Quebec and Canada.




Some suggestions of what to see in Montreal:

  • the mountain is definitely worth it; you'll have a great view of downtown Montreal and far beyond – and it gives you a workout
  • when you come from Europe or a small town: stroll through downtown Montreal, visit the Plateau (quartier north of downtown), visit Chinatown
  • when you come from a large North American, Asian, Australian city: go to old Montreal and the port, visit the Plateau

If you have more than 2 days extra before or after the conference:

  • for all: visit one of the national parks;
  • for non-Europeans: visit Quebec City (that is so European)
  • for Europeans: go to Toronto (that's big) or Ottawa (that is so Canadian)
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